Consignment Software Comparisons

"When you point at someone, there are 3 fingers pointing back at you."

A Bit of Consignment-Software History

Back in the day there were only a handful of consignment-software programs and the providers of those programs conspired to keep prices high and annual service fees intact.

In 2001 the first real threat to their oligopoly appeared in the form of Best Consignment Shop Software which was priced substantially less and did away with fee bilking (aka "annual service fees").

At the time existing programs were selling for $695 to $995. BCSS came in at $295, so naturally those vendors who were gleefully ripping off resale shops were 'alarmed', to say the least, to see a good bit of their market share disappear.

In most industries when new competition enters the market, reputable companies respond with product and service improvements and possibly lower pricing (to maintain market share). Not consignment-software vendors! Quite the opposite. Instead they launched a smear campaign against the newcomer and after seeing some success, ramped up the intensity as years passed and even pushed prices and yearly service fees higher. Moreover, they continued to invent new ways of increasing the cost of doing business with them with a plethora of schemes to hide cost.

Current Software Marketing Practices

The unscrupulous in consignment software have had some success at confusing the public by creating an environment of "Whom to believe?" as though there were some valid argument as to why any store owner should pay twice as much for software and over pay for things like hardware and service.

The simple solution for separating facts from sales hype is two fold:

  1. Demand a written disclosure of every possible fee that could be levied by the vendor. If you're refused, then you'll know you're in the fox's lair. If you are provided with a list, forward it to to see if the vendor is still having a hard time being open and honest.
  2. Give the accused a rightful opportunity to respond. Every business has its share of unhappy customers and that includes the vendors who point their fingers at their competitors.

Get The Best For You!

There is some truth to the fact that vendors who trash their competition will also be treating you the same way. These are some of the common threads that run through the business practices of those who stoop to mud slinging: © 2001-2018 ~ All Rights Reserved